From The Past To The Past


August, 2019

The Cultural Capital Introspection program and art residency Sorry no Rooms Available are pleased to present “From the Past to the Past” a group exhibition of artists who worked in Ukrainian Transcarpathia from 1960s-1990s and contemporary artists from New York, curated by Anya Komar

Participants: Elizavetha Kremnytska. Ferenc Seman, Pavlo Bedzir, Damon Sfetsos, Marisa Paruzel, Nicolas Ceccaldi

From the Past to the Past attempted to explore the social cybernetics of the 1960-70s Uzhgorod through the prism of today’s popular cancel culture. In particular, the show examined the dynamics between the most known nonconformist artists of Ukrainian Transcarpathia: Pavlo Bedzir, Elizavetha Kremnytska, and Ferenc Seman. Their works were shown alongside paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists from New York: Nicolas Ceccaldi, Marisa Paruzel, and Damon Sfetsios. While the organizer did not claim to be competent in the history of the local art scene, she was curious about the entanglements in its relationships that seemed to be largely ignored in Uzhgorod, such as: Kremnytska and Bedzir’s marriage, and their relationship discussed in her diaries; the KGB letter signed by Bedzir (under KGB pressure) accusing Seman of anti-communism (because of his family members living in New York). Seman condemning Bedzir’s and Kremnitska’s work as conformist while he himself operated outside of the regime, without the right to exhibit or make a living as an artist. The exhibition comprised drawings by Kremnytska and Bedzir, and a painting by Seman that haven’t been shown before, alongside sculptures by Ceccaldi and Paruzel, and a painting by Sfetsios, which were made during their visit to Uzhgorod.

Curator: Anya Komar

Regional House of Culture of Trade Unions, 3 Ruska St., Uzhgorod

photo: Mykhailo Melnychenko, Petro Ryaska