Daniel Bozhkov


CCi is announcing    OPEN CALL for artists and second-hand fashion enthusiasts from Ukraine to take part in the art project and a webinar with the US artist Daniel Bozhkov. The group will consist of a maximum of 15 participants. Starting date – Saturday, September 5th

Application deadline is August 31th –  24:00

Clothes for Crossing a Medium-Size River

Cheap is beautiful!

Don’t spend money on expensive new clothes that are boring and generic!

The clothes you are dreaming about already exist! 

We just need to find them and bring them to life.

Join a team of artists and second-hand clothes enthusiasts who will create a fashion line and a walking path through Uzhhorod.

“Clothes for Crossing a Medium-Size River”is a fashion line of re-purposed second-hand garments, made to fold and button for wading in water. Three different groups of people will develop it collaboratively, through a number of conversations, and close observations of local street life, with its many transitional moments. The project will be realized on location in Uzhhorod – a city in Western Ukraine, near the Slovakian and Hungarian borders. Uzhhorod is Ukraine’s transitional home depot and a “capital” of second-hand clothing. In a massive flow of used items – a reverse Great Silk Road of late capitalism – tones of second-hand clothes travel from Western Europe to Ukraine.

Experimental Group, Local Participants and Tailors collaborate on creating a fashion line of repurposed second-hand clothes.

Experimental Group Storonniki

They do not live in Uzhhorod.

They ask questions.

They propose places for walking.

They imagine the life of the city from outside.

Local Participants Meandri

They are locals.

They walk the streets with care and alertness.

They create an image archive of street situations.

They select the second-hand clothes.


They are local craftsmen.

They transform second-hand clothes.

They are the makers of Clothes for Crossing a Medium Size River.

Scenes and photo shoots

When the clothes are ready in November, the Local Participants Meandri  reenact scenes, based on real-life events they have collected on the streets of Uzhhorod.


In June 2021, following a reverse flow of time, the procession will begin from the area with Soviet-era apartment blocks, then cross the river (wading in the water – or using the bridge, if water level and current do not allow), walk the Linden Alley, and reach several places in the old town.

River crossing fashions vary! In warmer weather you may prefer to wear little or no clothing, so that your clothes stay dry. A warm hat will help conserve body heat and is usually high enough out of the water to stay dry. In colder conditions, wearing clothes while you cross will keep you warmer. Tight-fitting clothes, such as long-johns, give you some warmth and less resistance to the current than loose clothing such as long pants.                                                                                                                                                                      Canberra Bush Walking Club

A team should contain five or more people; the more people the more stability but the harder it is to co-ordinate the group and consequently progress is often slower; teams of three or four seem to work best. Hold the far pack strap of the people either side of you, down low near the point where it connects with their waist strap; stand hip to hip ( this is no time to insist on personal space).

The method of river-crossing recommended by the New Zeeland Mountain Safety Council

Grasp strap on the far side of next person


Saturday, September 5th          five meetings with Storonniki and Meandri Groups

Saturday, September 12th

Saturday, September 26th

Saturday, October 10th

Saturday, October 24th          

October                                              Meandri Group selects the second-hand clothes

November      Tailors get the clothes ready for a public performance. Meandri organize several photo sessions on pivotal locations – apartment blocks, river bridges, old town. 

June 2021                                           Procession on Linden Alley to saturate the clothes with fragrance of linden blossoms


Daniel Bozhkov is an artist born in Bulgaria and based in New York City. He employs a variety of media, from fresco to performance and video, collaborating with professionals from different fields to activate the public space. He enters the worlds of genetic science, department megastores and world-famous tourist-sites, as an amateur intruder/visitor who produces new strains of meaning in seemingly closed systems. As a collaborator of reality, Bozhkov reuses mass-produced objects, and employs abandoned practices, attracted by ideas that are rendered obsolete, banal, ridiculous and inconsequential.

Daniel Bozhkov is a recipient of 2012 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant, 2007 Chuck Close Rome Prize of the American Academy in Rome, and grants from Andy Warhol Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. His work has been presented at MoMA P.S.1, Queens Museum, and Artists Space in NYC, Santa Monica Museum of Art in LA, Art House in Austin, Texas. He has participated in international exhibitions such as the 33rd São Paolo Biennial, 6th Liverpool Biennial, 6th Mercosul Biennial in Porto Alegre, 9th Istanbul Biennale, and the 1st Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art.

Daniel Bozhkov is an Associate Professor of Art at Hunter College in New York City. He has taught as a Lecturer at Columbia University, Yale University School of Art, as well as a Visiting Artist at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam, and Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

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The CCI program is created on the platform as part of the Residence Sorry No Rooms Available and with the support of the US Embassy in Kyiv