COUNTERFACTUALS, workshops by Tyler Coburn


Four workshops on the topic “COUNTERFACTUALS” by Taylor Coburn took place from September 27 to October 18, 2020 as part of The Cultural Capital Introspection program within the residence Sorry No Rooms Available.

A counterfactual is a means of speculating about the possible paths events could have taken. We commonly encounter them in sweeping historical reimaginings (What if the Third Reich had won the Second World War?), but they can also help us ask critical questions about the forms of reparation and restitution owed to communities for past wrongs. A counterfactual is not “fake news” or an “alternative fact,” but counterfactual thinking may provide some perspective on the disinformation campaigns destabilizing governments and populations worldwide.

Counterfactuals surveys this subject over four sessions. Some will address pertinent texts, artworks, and films, but the focus will be placed on gaming, with Europe as the primary context. Participants will have the opportunity to propose counterfactuals, and we will collaborate in small groups to play them out. These games, dynamic ways of working through (and reworking) history, may provide valuable critical tools for engaging our momentous present.

Participants: Valeria Schyller, Zhanna Ozirna (partially), Kateryna Tykhonenko, Anton Varga, Lika Volkova, Adriana Molenda, Yevhen Korshunov (partially), Attila Hazhlinski, Larion Lozovy, Anastasia Kostiv (partially), Tomi Hazhlinski (partially), Victoria Dorr (Zimomrya), Petro Ryaska.